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“When Christians Hurt Christians” has international release

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Author Gina Burgess Author Gina Burgess Christian News Service

Author’s New Book Hits a Sore Spot 

When Christians Hurt ChristiansPICAYUNE, Miss, August 9, 2016 / Christian News Service / - Betrayal, cruel actions, or spiteful words hurt most coming from trusted friends and family. Gina Burgess offers insights into handling trusted, but difficult, people in the workplace, at church, and at home in her newest release, “When Christians Hurt Christians.” She discusses the difference between difficult people and bullies and how to deal with bullying. Illustrations and case studies along with personal experiences blended with Scripture highlight and confirm strategies to protect against hurtful words and deeds. Burgess collected numerous nuggets of advice from Christian leaders, and compiled them in the last chapter she called “Advice from Sages.”

“When Christians Hurt Christians” will help anyone suffering hurt from anybody. It will guide those who want to protect themselves against further hurt. However, the book is mainly focused on dealing with hurt within the body of Christ and especially within the Christian heart. It's jam-packed with scripture to guide and instruct how to apply godly principles when you are wounded by your fellow Christian brother or sister. A must read that is highly recommended if you truly want to let go of the bitterness, anger, and feelings of powerlessness.

“When Christians Hurt Christians” has been published in America, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and other countries around the world. It is available in paperback and eBook from Amazon.com and other online book retailers.

About the author: Gina Burges earned her Master’s from Spring Arbor University, and is a professional author, editor and illustrator working freelance in her home town of Picayune, MS. Teaching bible studies, Sunday School, and Discipleship Training since 1972 has blessed Burgess with extensive knowledge of God's word. She infuses her writing with godly light speaking to your heart as she would to a beloved friend and soaking it all with her authenticity. Other books by Burgess include: “The Crowns of the Believers,” “Refreshment in Refuge,” and “Weep Not for the Dead.” She is available as a speaker for conferences, seminars, and 1 or 2 day Bible studies.


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