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President Obama discusses global warming with actor Leonardo DiCaprio. (Photo by Brooks Kraft, National Geographic) For many Hollywood elites liberal causes are just too tempting to ignore. In advance of a special showing at the White House of Leonardo DiCaprio's new film Before the Flood , President Barack Obama suggested the Syrian Civil War, at least in part, to global warming. "There's already some really interesting work not definitive, but powerful showing that the droughts that happened in Syria contributed to the unrest and the Syrian civil war." As Hurricane Matthew slabs the Carribbean and the Florida coastline, Before the Flood opens in theaters Oct. 21 and airs on National Geographic channels October 30 reflects DiCaprio's personal passion on the issue of global warming. Some commentators contend its the Obama administrations attempt to make climate change a national security concern and a key policy issue of Obama's legacy. In the current presidential election cycle global warming hasn't been a significant campaign issue. What is certain, however, Americans are sharply divided on the issue and the split is largely determined along political parties. A recent Pew Research poll of some 1500 people found 36 percent of those surveyed said climate change concerns them "a great deal." 72 percent are Democrats and 24 percent are Republicans.  Liberal Democrats are the most likely to believe humans are responsible for climate change.  Seventy-nine percent of those polled agree with that sentiment compared with 15 percent of conservative Republicans.  Seventy percent of liberal Democrats say they trust scientists to give full and accurate information on climate change versus 15 percent of conservative Republicans.   Mark Rose, founder of Genesis Alive and author of Noah Code, contends that the warming and cooling of Earth is a natural process. "Some folks panic over this natural process," Rose said. "If they think global warming is an issue, try global cooling. All the major cities in Alaska would be under ice if the earth had not warmed after the flood event. Warming is not such a bad thing, but certainly reasonable efforts to maintain a clean atmosphere is just good stewardship of our Blue Planet.  On the other hand, in the last 14 years the Earth has seen a cooling trend, even Alaska is setting records for low temps for longer durations." In September President Obama issued a mandate that agencies consider climate change when developing national security policies. "Today, President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum on…
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