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George Barna Survey: A Plurality Support a Gorsuch Confirmation But One-Third of Adults Don't Care

Written by  George Barna
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American Culture & Faith Institute

Release: April 5, 2017
George Barna

AmericanCultureFaithInstitute logo 1 With the U.S. Senate approaching a showdown over the confirmation of prospective U.S. Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch, Americans are only mildly interested in those proceedings and the political drama surrounding the decision. A new national survey by the American Culture & Faith Institute (ACFI) indicates that while peoples' views of the nominee are influenced by their faith leanings and political ideology, a shockingly high number of adults are simply not interested in the outcome. Among adults who oppose confirming Gorsuch, the survey revealed that the reasons for that opposition typically have more to do with politics than judicial philosophy. Read more

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