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Palestinian Killed for Befriending Jews

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While living in a small country community known as a ‘Moshav’ in Israel, I remember meeting an Arab man named Abdul whopalestine flag was hired by my Jewish Landlord for construction work.  Abdul lived in a near-by Arab village.

He was well liked by everyone on the Moshav, which at that time was made up of mainly Jewish people who immigrated from Iraq in the 1950’s and myself. Abdul was very personable, always laughing and joking, but also a hard worker. He was invited into many homes for meals and was treated as family among the Jews, as were other Arabs who worked in the Moshav. It was wonderful to witness Jews and Arabs working and living together. Unfortunately it is not so common anymore in Israel.  

One day I saw an older Arab man riding on a donkey. He stopped to talk with my landlord and his wife. Suddenly she began wailing and crying hysterically!  I ran to them and my landlord said, “Abdul was accused by the Palestinian Authority (PA) of collaborating with the ‘enemy’, with us, the Jews! So they killed him."

He was so angry and hurt over Abdul’s death.

The man on the Donkey was Abdul’s father who told us that Abdul tried to tell the PA that he was only working to provide for his family. But the PA still charged Abdul with collaborating with the enemy, and being a traitor to his people."

Abdul’s father took pictures from his pocket to show us. Tears began to stream down his cheeks as we gazed at the images in shock! He said to us weeping, “Look what they have done to my son!” 

We saw that Abdul’s ankles were tied to the back bumper of a car, and we could see that they drove through the streets of his village dragging Abdul’s body for all to see. This horrible murder of Abdul sent a clear warning to the ‘Palestinian’ people, “Do not embrace our enemy, the Jews as your friend, witness your fate as a traitor”. 

Abdul’s father said, “They didn’t stop, even after my son was dead!” 

You see the problem here is that many Jews and Arabs have grown close to one another because they have work together and live together as neighbors.  Many of them have come to care for each other through the years, but don’t be deceived, the ‘Palestinian’ people are not free, not even to choose their friends.

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