Friday, 15 July 2016 16:38

Amidst France Terror; Rumors of a "Day of Rage," Evangelist Alveda King Calls for Acts of Love, Repentance and Kindness; Unity of "One Blood."

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Unite as One Blood2

ATLANTA, GA, July 15, 2016 /ChristianNewsService/ -- Today, in France, across America and around the world, we are mourning, grieving, yet trusting in God. In Nice, France, 84 fallen by terrorist attacks. In America there will be memorial services for men who lost their lives in an American tragedy last week. 

There are rumors of more rage filled protests, and there are rumblings of prayer and praise abounding. We mourn with the families of the deceased and implore Americans and people of faith in God around the world to unite as the Acts 17:26 "one blood" in repentance, love, unity and kindness to avert more violence and bloodshed; for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness from the womb to the tomb.


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