Friday, 07 April 2017 13:50

Ryan Mauro on President Trump's Flip-Flop on Syria

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U.S. Launches Missiles at Syrian Base After Chemical Weapons Attack

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Professor Ryan Mauro 
Homeland Security Analyst
Former Volunteer Researcher for a Syrian opposition group (Reform Party of Syria based in US).

"The speed with which President Trump admitted to changing his mind and took decisive action is stunning. The strikes are not only a response to Assad; it's a message to the world: There's a new sheriff in town and he isn't going to take your crap."

"There are four risks: Russians being killed and Putin's response; a destabilization of the Assad regime that leads to further chaos; Iranian-sponsored terror in retaliation and attacks on U.S. personnel in Syria and Iraq."

"The U.S. has struck the right balance: The strikes are not aimed at destabilizing the regime to the point that it implodes, but it restores U.S. credibility and finally forces Assad to rethink his use of chemical weapons. It also increases the chances that Assad will be forced to leave."

"The big question remaining is how the U.S. can find a better alternative to Assad and how to bring that alternative into power. We need a multi-ethnic, genuinely moderate, anti-Islamist democratic force that is capable of fighting and governing. We don't have that now."

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