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Topical Focus: Abortion - Pro Life, Author, Christian Speaker, Conservative Commentary, Media Pundit, U.S. Policy - Politics, Women's Issues

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Pro-Life Advocacy

Dr. King serves as a Pastoral Associate and Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn, the African-American Outreach for Priests for Life and Gospel of Life Ministries. She is also a voice for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, sharing her testimony of two abortions, God’s forgiveness, and healing. The daughter of the late civil rights activist Rev. A.D. King and his wife Naomi Barber King, Alveda grew up in the civil rights movement led by her uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Alveda King on Fox NewsAlveda King comes from a legacy of dreamers. She is the niece of Martin Luther King, Jr. Her grandfather, Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr., was a dreamer and so was her father, A. D. Williams King who was a high profile leader in the civil rights movement. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., dreamed of having his children judged by the content of their character, and Alveda King dreams of the rights of babies who are artificially breached before coming to term in his or her mother’s womb.

“My mother wanted to abort me, and that was basically a family secret. My grandfather stopped her and said that he had a dream and saw me perfectly. He was a prophetic dreamer, like Martin.”

Alveda is a pro-life activist and a post-abortive mother. Today, she has six living children, but in the early 1970s, she suffered one involuntary and one voluntary abortion. 

“My involuntary abortion was performed just prior to Roe v. Wade by my private physician without my consent,” she said. “I had gone to the doctor to ask why my cycle had not resumed after the birth of my son. I did not ask for and did not want an abortion. The doctor said, 'You don’t need to be pregnant. Let’s see.' He proceeded to perform a painful examination, which resulted in a gush of blood and tissue emanating from my womb. He explained that he had performed a 'local D and C.'"

Her doctor gave her an abortion under false pretenses. “He gave me an illegal abortion with no anesthesia,” she said. 

Soon after the Roe v. Wade decision, in 1973, Alveda became pregnant again, and at age 22, she walked into a Planned Parenthood clinic and underwent a second abortion. 

“Roe v. Wade made it too easy for me to make the fateful and fatal decision to abort my child. The doctor advised that the procedure would hurt no more than 'having a tooth removed,'” she said. However, the procedures damaged her cervix and forced her to miscarry another baby months later. The physical toll on her body and the emotional strain of the abortions led to the demise of her first marriage. 

Over the next few years, Alveda experienced medical problems and had trouble bonding with her children who were born after the abortions. “My children have all suffered from knowing that they have a brother or sister that their mother chose to abort. Often they ask if I ever thought about aborting them,” she said. 

As a result of her abortion, Alveda suffered from eating disorders, depression, nightmares, sexual dysfunctions and a host of other issues, and the guilt made her very ill. “I prayed often for deliverance from the pain caused by my decision to abort my baby. I suffered the threat of cervical and breast cancer and experienced the pain of empty arms after the baby was gone. And truly, for me, and countless abortive mothers, nothing on earth can fully restore what has been lost, only Jesus can.” 

Alveda divorced two more times in her life, but she says when she met Jesus in 1983, He opened her eyes to the reality of what she had done and forgave her for destroying her babies. “God rescued me from a cycle of death, and the only thing that kept me from losing it was knowing I will one day see my babies in heaven,” she said.

Alveda was an unlikely woman to become a pro-life activist. The painful experience behind her abortion helped her uncover the lies used by the abortion industry. Today she is driven by spiritual conviction to defend the most vulnerable of human beings. “I join the voices of thousands across America, who are SILENT NO MORE. We can no longer sit idly by and allow this horrible spirit of murder to cut down, yes cut out and cut away our unborn, and destroy the lives of our mothers,” she said. 

In 2000, Alveda traveled with Real Women’s Voices to Washington, D.C. to lobby Congress and also then Illinois Senator Barack Obama. But she says when the group arrived at his office, the senator walked out the back door. “I saw him and said, ‘Hello, Sen. Obama.’ He looked down at the floor and walked away.” It’s a response Alveda is used to, but she says it won’t stop her from mounting the steps of Congress to keep the issue of abortion before lawmakers.

She also urges women around the country to go to their pastors and speak out. “Tell them abortion is bad for children; it’s destroying families. By taking the lives of our young, and wounding the wombs and lives of their mothers, we are flying in the face of God. We cannot play God. If we continue down this path of destruction, we will be met at the gates by our own doom. This is the day to choose life. We must live and allow our babies to live. We must end the pain of post-abortion trauma. If the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is to live, our babies must live. Our mothers must choose life. If we refuse to answer the cry of mercy from the unborn, and ignore the suffering of the mothers, then we are signing our own death warrants.”

Topical Focus: Abortion - Pro Life, Author, Christian Speaker, Conservative Commentary, Media Pundit, U.S. Policy - Politics, Women's Issues

Topical Focus: Islamic Extremism, Middle East, Military, National Security, Public Policy, Syria

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Sangari, head of the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement, speaks about the continued plight of Dwekh Nawsha* as ISIS has unleashed a savage and deadly wave of persecution against Christians and other religious minorities throughout Iraq and Syria.

Retired Lt. Col. Sargis Sangari, who was deployed to Iraq during his 20-year career in the U.S. Army, is one of the Americans advising the Assyrian Army, known as Dwekh Nawsha, which means “self-sacrifice” in the ancient Aramaic language used by Jesus and still spoken by the Assyrian Christians.

According to Sangari, the Assyrian military force, which is primarily based in Iraq’s Assyrian Nineveh plain, is closely aligned with the strategic goals and aspirations of the United States.

Lieutenant Colonel Sargis Sangari was born and raised in Rezaiyeh (Urmia), Iran. He immigrated to the United States in 1980 at age ten after the Iranian Revolution.

LTC Sangari received a two-year Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship and began his Army service in 1994 after graduating from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, earning a Bachelors of Science in Political Science and receiving a commission in the Infantry. After completing the Infantry Officer Basic Course, he was assigned to 1st Battalion, 506 Infantry Regiment (Air Assault), Camp Greaves and Camp Giant Korea, where he served as a two-time Rifle Platoon Leader.

LTC Sangari deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Croatia in support of Operation Joint Endeavor as the principle staff advisor for Chief of Staff Military Operations for U.S. Forces and National Agencies force protection for Implementation Forces (IFOR) and Stabilization Forces (SFOR) and the theater safety officer for all of Theater SFOR.


*Dwekh Nawsha, an Iraqi-Christian paramilitary force based in Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq. Dwekh Nawsha is one of the major Assyrian Christian militias fighting genocide at the hands of ISIS.

Topical Focus: Islamic Extremism, Middle East, Military, National Security, Public Policy, Syria

Topical Focus: Conservative Commentary, International Issues, Islamic Extremism, Media Pundit, National Security, Public Policy, Terrorism

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Homeland Security specialization

"{One of} the best and brightest national security experts," Sean Hannity on "Hannity," FOX News Channel

Ryan MauroProfessor Ryan Mauro is the National Security Analyst for the Clarion Project, a nonprofit organization that educates the public about the threat of Islamic extremism and provides a platform for voices of moderation and tolerance within the Muslim community.

Mauro also consults for various government agencies, political campaigns and policy-makers. He is a professor of homeland security, counter-terrorism and political science.

Mauro has made over 1,000 appearances on international radio and TV programs from both the left of the right, including frequent segments on FOX News Channel, Al-Hurra, CCTV, Voice of America, Wall Street Journal Live, etc. He's been widely published and quoted in outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, The Hill, Roll Call and the Daily Caller.

Previous to joining the Clarion Project, Mauro served as a strategic analyst for the Wikistrat consultancy and an intelligence analyst and director at the Asymmetric Warfare and Intelligence Center. Mauro has a Bachelor's Degree in Intelligence Studies, Master's in Political Science and a Graduate Certificate in Middle East Studies, all from American Military University. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Criminal Justice with a Homeland Security specialization. In 2012, his work caught the attention of the Muslim Brotherhood, which lashed out at him as "delusional" on its official English-language Twitter account.

Topical Focus: Conservative Commentary, International Issues, Islamic Extremism, Media Pundit, National Security, Public Policy, Terrorism

Topical Focus: Islamic Extremism, Israel, Terrorism

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13-Year Old Son Murdered by Arab Terrorists

Mandell FamilyRabbi Seth and Sherri Mandell moved to Israel from America in 1996 because they loved Israel and wanted to put Judaism in the center of their lives and their children's lives. Their lives were devastated on May 8, 2001, when their 13 year old son Koby was murdered by terrorists.

Koby went hiking with his friend Yosef Ish Ran in a canyon near the Mandell's home. There, in a cave, Arab terrorists stoned the two boys to death.

The Mandells, parents to 3 other younger children, knew that in order to go on, they needed to transform the cruelty of Koby's death into acts of kindness and hope. For that reason, they created the Koby Mandell Foundation which provides healing programs for families struck by terrorism.

Seth, a rabbi, and Sherri, an author and journalist, believe that the Jewish response to suffering is to live a fuller and more engaged life. Their programs help others who have suffered the trauma of loss overcome the isolation that keeps them from returning to life. Participants are helped to find meaning in their loss, so that families become stronger rather than weaker from their traumas. In this way, they keep Koby's spirit alive in the world.

Topical Focus: Islamic Extremism, Israel, Terrorism

Topical Focus: Conservative Commentary, National Security, U.S. Policy - Politics, Public Policy

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Media Pundit - Political Analyst

Gayle Trotter is a columnist, political analyst and attorney who regularly appears on TV, most recently on Fox News Channel’s The Kelly File and MediaBuzz, contributes to The Hill, The Daily Caller, Townhall and other well-known political websites, and is a guest on radio shows across the country.

Gayle has an insider’s view of Washington, D.C., serving as Vice President of the Kirkpatrick Society and the co-founder of a law firm in the metro D.C. area.

Gayle first attracted national media attention in 2013 with her testimony before the United States Judiciary Committee hearing on gun rights and gun violence in America.

She received her B.A. and J.D. from the University of Virginia, where she served as an editor of the international law journal.

Gayle is a native Washingtonian with political sensibilities that have never lost touch with the heartland of America, and she brings keen insights on the issues of the day and useful connections to power players in our nation’s capital. Gayle and her husband are the proud parents of six children and make their home—right in Washington, D.C.

Topical Focus: Conservative Commentary, National Security, U.S. Policy - Politics, Public Policy

Topical Focus: Author, Christian Speaker, Geology, The Bible

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Mark RoseAuthor Mark Rose of the book "NOAH CODE" produced a well footnoted general treatment of the Biblical text, the Flood catastrophe and its effects on the geology of earth. This work summarizes the geological findings since BC to date. Includes definitions from the original Hebrew Scriptures regarding key elements lost to many modern biblicist's. Noah code contains shocking evidence documenting dozens of sites around the world containing human remains and artifacts apparently buried in the Flood, overlooked by the literature and hidden from the public for decades. An outstanding reference guide and narrative.

The Noah Code:

PURCHASE THIS BOOK HERE!!! Now and additional 25% off! - just $13.20 a copy plus shipping! 
Note - a 
new report finds that all the water necessary for a global flood exists in the deep crust. Also a report on the rapid decay of Earths and Solar System magnetic fields support a young earth. This all new edition includes maps, drawings and never before documented material.  See below -

The NOAH CODE is also available now on Kindle the first major update on the Flood of Noah in 60 years!



Want to learn what Flying the wilds of the Alaskan Arctic was like,  this is your book!  True life recollections of a real Bush Pilot, hunter and trapper who lived this life for decades in the Great Land.  Stories of flying airplanes and long-range helicopter's to every corner of the State, ending an encounter with the Creator that changed the pilots life forever.  First in a series, Illustrated

Mark Rose' story:

"As a teen and stepson of a biologist in Alaska, I found myself immersed in the world of evolutionary thinking of the day.  Magazines like Nature, Scientific American and National Geographic sat around our living room table.  Geo's new television series had just come out, touting evolution with every episode.  Dean Kenyon's latest work; "Biochemical Predestination", was the rage of the day, proving the self-assembly of chemicals into amino acids. (Well, almost proving it; Kenyon seems to be venturing more into our camp).  Nuclear physicists had unlocked isotope clocks within the rocks, proving with atomic accuracy the Bible's inaccuracies. Usher being replaced with terms like "potassium/argon,"  "lead/lead" and such, all very scholarly, so who could argue with nuclear science? We had won a war with that stuff.  Even a watchmaker introduced the "Accutron", an electric watch as accurate as nuclear dating, or so claimed the TV adds.  Men were walking on the moon with this new science for heaven's sake, and with such an onslaught of "evidence", who could prove them wrong?   The "Jesus freaks" were just that, marked as fools while the "scientific" marched onward, holding Darwin out as their new God. The Bible is a myth they assured us, fitting for grey-haired grandmothers, used as quaint musty bookends. 

As all this was going on, paleontologists in Africa were unearthing parts of ape-men monthly it seemed. It was obvious that any day they would find "the missing link," and the anticipation of this certain event eventually substituted for facts.  Simply repeat the story enough and it becomes truth, and according to Miller with enough time even dead chemicals will spring to life. The textbooks were full of his laboratory tests and models, no other explanation offered or needed.  

As the entire weight of media, magazine and textbooks came to bear on the subject, how could a thinking person not get this picture?  It was obvious to our youthful minds that the churches had perpetrated a fraud, the "Opiate of the Masses" we were told, so how could one realistically consider such fairy tales of a God?  It seemed amazing to us, the Enlightened, that humanity had been baffooned so long. Television and movies chimed in with a flood of humanistic leading performances, mocking those of faith as backward know-nothings and making heroes of the godless, who always seemed to save the day, flaunting success and free sex, having a solution for everything.  As holders of these wise new truths we could create a great society, they told us, no longer constrained by the moral boundaries based on the existence of some imaginary God, this all to the horror of grandma who knew better all along.  

Opposition from credible sources were quickly silenced; simply replay the same lies over and over, do not bother with retractions, missing evidence was easily created with the brush of an illustrator and a few words. If an ape-man was needed, a few strokes of a creative artist with some scientific input and there he was.

As these concepts matured into our worldview, we swallowed the pill of evolutionary thought and were poisoned.  Many made serious life decisions based upon this ideology, any interest in the things of God evaporating.  I saw those of faith ridiculed and mocked in my circle, having little in hand to stop the onslaught among my peers.  The effects of all this influence goes on today, that generation now the educators, writers, media executives, judges, lawmakers and even Presidents of our time, the end result an utter dismantling of our society and the family unit, evolutionary thought now infiltrating into every level of science, education, law and philosophy.  We need to understand this nation is literally going to hell while on earth today.  Our jails are over full, divorce is rampant, drug use uncontrollable and as of this writing, 40% of new births in the US are from unwed mothers.  Ask any prison warden, 80% of the male inmates come from single parent homes, when you run those numbers we may as well build prison states, as 1000 acre compounds won't hold them all.  Clearly, the effects of our free lifestyle are now irreversible, the only answer left a wholesale return to God.

Back then I took the view we only live once and are nothing but "star stuff" Sagan told us, the life span of a solar system nothing more than a tick of the universal clock he says.  Our values were relative, and everyone knew overpopulation our biggest threat next to war, spare infants, spare cats; what was the difference, make space!  (I square off with this myth in the Human Origins post).  I faced life then with simple absolutes; It was me against the elements of Alaska, human effort vs the laws of physics and nature, all else is left to chance and fate, there is no God, time is endless and people insignificant.  We are left to this life and that’s it, survive with your brains and brawn then act a wise intellect in public.  What a hopeless delusion.  I became an egotistical, cold, self-centered person, thinking I was wise but terribly unfulfilled in many ways.  I knew secretly there was a big hole in my life, but what was wrong?  I couldn't find the answer.

All that changed one night on a flight gone wrong; at the crucial point I received help from neither chance nor my  every effort, but from an unknownelement; speaking to me and adding an hour of fuel to my tanks my last leg over water.  Safe on the ground I thought, "so gramma was right all along, there is something out there!"  After other near misses, (like a heli crash where my seat was crushed flat), I made the decision and turned my life over to God, a decision I've never regretted since.  After this incident my emptiness began to be filled and other conflicts in life began to make sense. There issomething bigger out there I now understood, despite losing so many friends in this country along the way, that chilled me to the idea of a loving God beforehand.  Angry about how I had been brainwashed by the system, I joined the effort to expose the lies and tell the other side of the story, so here you have this work.  

The topics addressed here summarize the major issues concerning the Bible, faith and evolution of our day.  It comes to you doing my humanly best to share these pertinent truth's with you and I will tell you Iv'e faced many skeptics on this journey and have never been disappointed.  The Bible is true, and you can depend upon it fully, no exceptions.

Some of the information is breaking news, like the MO-1 bacteria, recently discovered by a team at Osaka University to have a micro 24 gear planetary gearbox, synchronously driven by seven proton-powered motors complete with clutches, modulators and anti-skid sensors all in a single cell.  (As a professional helicopter pilot/technician who worked with planetary gear systems, the evolution of such technology is laughable).  Second, the recent un-finding of Dark Matter, touted for over 20 years as the undetected and unseen glue holding the Galaxies together, is now debunked.  You will find these and many other exciting revelations supporting a Biblical Worldview and Intelligent Design in these posts, including worldwide flood evidence from the Grand Canyon and more, completely refuting evolutionary theory at every point.  As appropriate, I included many references and links to help in your self-study this vital subject, so you can share with others.  If there is no reference too bad, it comes from one who's word is good and has seen what the other side has and found they have nothing.   

Much of this knowledge is little of my own.  I owe acknowledgements found in the footnotes, video links, lectures and those I worked with in the field over many years.  My personal observations, education in geology, (telling enough, two of my PhD professors converted to a catastrophic view of earth history while in school), and 30+ years experience working in mining around the globe.  Don't forget to enter your contact information, I will be giving away two new books about these topics, Genesis Alivethe book, and Last of the Long Hunters, this volume including true stories about my life and flying in the Arctic.

May God bless you in your quest for truth, may you have a renewed faith in the Creator and His written Word through these pages, 

Mark Rose

Topical Focus: Author, Christian Speaker, Geology, The Bible

Topical Focus: Disaster Relief

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Mercy Chefs

Chef Visionary: Gary LeBlanc

■ The Visionary: Gary LeBlanc, an experienced chef and restaurant- and hotel-management specialist, and founder of Portsmouth-based Mercy Chefs.

■ The “Aha!” Moment: After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, LeBlanc felt compelled to return to his former hometown, where many family members still lived, to offer his help. In a city that loves food, LeBlanc did what he knows how to do best: He cooked, volunteering with an organization running a mobile kitchen. Two weeks’ exposure, however, to standard disaster-relief food service—cold food, warm water, inadequate facilities and an alarming absence of food safety and sanitation—left LeBlanc determined that it could be done better.

■ The Vision: In the wake of disaster, hot meals, professionally prepared and served with love, could offer not merely sustenance, but also comfort and support to victims and the first responders there to help.

Nine months after returning from his volunteer experience in New Orleans, LeBlanc, inspired by his deep Christian faith, founded Mercy Chefs as a nonprofit with a mission to “feed people, body and soul” when disaster or devastation strikes.

If everyone else seemed to accept that in the absence of power or running water or other basics, the best that could be hoped for was to dole out peanut-butter sandwiches, warmed-up canned beans or flavorless Meals Ready-to-Eat, LeBlanc, 58, believed otherwise. Recalling his Cajun grandmothers, who responded to every occasion, joyful or tragic, by stepping into the kitchen and cooking up delicious food, LeBlanc says, “Food creates comfort, a sense of normalcy; it re-engages people in community. And when you offer people food, you should do it with passion, with gusto, with all your heart.”

“Food,” says LeBlanc, “is love.”

With three decades in hospitality services, LeBlanc knew he had the experience and the connections to do something different. And so, undaunted by the fact that he already had a demanding full-time career running a hotel group and that he had no idea at that point how he might find money, equipment or partners, LeBlanc felt called to be, as he puts it, “obedient to the vision.”

His first mission came less than a month after creating Mercy Chefs in 2006. Armed only with cutting boards, knives and a commercial hot box for holding warm foods at proper temperatures, LeBlanc packed up his wife, Ann, and their three kids in his SUV and headed to Conklin, New York, where catastrophic flooding had ravaged the town. He teamed up with a local church, training the volunteers in those essentials he’d seen missing in New Orleans: food safety, menu development and creative use of donated products. “In four days, we could see that a little professional acumen went a long way to helping them become more effective.”

Eight years later, what began out of the back of that SUV “has grown past anything I could have believed,” says LeBlanc. Based in Portsmouth, with a fleet of three custom-built, commercial-code mobile kitchens, and with the help of many volunteers (more than 1,000 in the past eight years), Mercy Chefs serves hundreds of thousands of hot meals every year in communities across the U.S. shattered by floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and other disasters. With its own supply chain, water-purification units and diesel generators, and with the mobile kitchens moved to different staging locations around the country depending on seasonal weather patterns (tornado alley in the spring, deeper south for the hurricane season, north for winter’s havoc), Mercy Chefs can arrive on scene and begin setting up within hours of a disaster, usually partnering with a local church or sometimes with disaster-relief organizations. LeBlanc hopes that one day not too far in the future, Mercy Chefs will have a mobile kitchen and crew within eight hours of 90 percent of the U.S. population.

“We would never serve up a sandwich and a bottle of water and call it a meal,” says LeBlanc. Amid devastation, Mercy Chefs dishes out daily miracles: meals like penne Bolognese with warm focaccia or chicken parmesan with mashed potatoes and green beans Florentine. One thousand people were fed twice a day after Hurricane Ike in Texas, and 10,000 to 12,000 meals a day were served on Manhattan’s Lower East Side after Hurricane Sandy. (The grocery bill might be as much as $40,000 by the time Mercy Chefs packs up and heads home.)

At home in Virginia, Mercy Chefs has stepped in after several tornadoes and the infamous June 2012 derecho, and has participated in various forms of community outreach; last summer, the organization helped provide meals in Norfolk for a summer program feeding elementary school students.  

And Mercy Chefs has found its reach expanding beyond the U.S. as well. In Haiti, following the 2010 earthquake, Mercy Chefs built a permanent kitchen and trained a local staff; now the kitchen feeds mission teams helping in the rebuilding process. Last year, following typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, Mercy Chefs sent chefs and portable water purification units to one of the worst hit islands; now ground has been broken to build a permanent kitchen there.

What he envisioned in 2006 as a “humanitarian hobby” has now become the consuming focus of Gary LeBlanc’s life, a full-time job. And for that, he expresses nothing but gratitude for the gift of this mission, this calling.

 “We always leave,” he says, “more blessed than when we arrive.”

About Mercy Chefs:
Mercy Chefs is a non-profit, faith based, charitable organization committed to serving high quality professionally prepared meals, during local, state and national disasters and emergencies. In order to accomplish our mission, we use state-of-the art mobile kitchens and organizational resources that stand ready for a rapid response deployment to multiple locations. Serving victims, first responders and volunteers is at the core of Mercy Chefs’ calling to show God’s compassion and hospitality. We train church-based volunteer groups, engage Christian hospitality industry professionals as Mercy Chefs, and use our strategic alliances with supporting government and non-government agencies to feed those in need.

Topical Focus: Disaster Relief

Topical Focus: Author, Fatherhood, Parenting, Technology

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52 Ways to Connect with Your Smartphone Obsessed KidJonathan McKee is the author of twenty books including the brand new 52 Ways to Connect with Your Smartphone Obsessed KidMore Than Just the TalkSex MattersThe Guy's Guide to God, Girls and the Phone in Your Pocket. He has over 20 years youth ministry experience and speaks to parents and leaders worldwide, all while providing free resources for parents on his website You can follow Jonathan on his blog on that site, getting a regular dose of youth culture and parenting help. Jonathan and his wife Lori, and their three kids live in California. is now building momentum, helping one parent at a time with a regular dose of helpful parenting videos on their YouTube page, and a Facebook page where parents can interact.

Jonathan and his wife have three wonderful kids. You can hear about them in his blog and in his newest book 52 Ways to Connect with your Smartphone Obsessed Kid.



Audio Download for Radio

Topical Focus: Author, Fatherhood, Parenting, Technology

Topical Focus: Author, Fatherhood

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From the Fall to the Cross, Bayly leads his readers through God’s redemptive plan for fathers often drawing from decades of his own journey as an imperfect son, father and pastor. As is the case with all of our societal ills and human failures, Pastor Bayly makes it clear that there are no quick fixes and that this road to recovery is not without a generous portion of blood, sweat and tears.

Topical Focus: Author, Fatherhood

Topical Focus: Abuse Survivors, Author, Women's Issues

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Deitz has the unfortunate firsthand experience of being a survivor of sexual abuse both as a child and as an adult. She seeks opportunities to encourage other survivors to speak up and speak out, knowing that it is a crucial step towards healing. “The shame, despair and inability to cope with the painful events can lead to depression as well as dangerous behavior, as survivors tend to seek other ways to block out the memories and dull the pain.” comments Deitz. “My main goal is to help others see their worth and become the best they can be.” Through the power of her own testimony, she helps people see that they no longer have to live as a victim, but are worth so much more.

Topical Focus: Abuse Survivors, Author, Women's Issues

Topical Focus: Author, Christian Speaker, Conservative Commentary, Disaster Relief

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Sharing Hope in Crisis

From the ashes of 9/11, the Rapid Response Team ministry was developed to share Christ in the midst of crisis and disasters. BGEA currently has chaplains in the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. These volunteer chaplains are carefully selected and trained to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ and appropriately share God’s hope through the One who “heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” (Psalm 147:3).

The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team was developed following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. It has grown into a nationwide network of chaplains in 48 states who are trained to deal with crisis situations. They have deployed to more than 215 disaster sites, including shootings, floods, hurricanes, wildfires and tornadoes.

Topical Focus: Author, Christian Speaker, Conservative Commentary, Disaster Relief

Topical Focus: Conservative Commentary, Film, Legal

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Legal Pundit:

David Quinto is a veteran intellectual property attorney, with over 33 years’ experience. His practice focuses on copyright, trademark, trade dress, trade secret, unfair competition, and Internet-related matters, as well as general commercial litigation.

Over the past three decades, David has represented a broad range of clients, including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (for which he was responsible for protecting the ACADEMY AWARDS® and ©OSCAR® marks and copyright, as well as the annual Academy Awards© telecast), Lockheed/Lockheed Martin, Home Depot, Edwards Lifesciences, Grendene, S.A, Sae-A Trading Co. Ltd., Mattel, Avery Dennison, Bonneville International, GKN Aerospace Transparency Systems (Luton) Ltd., Samsung, ASCAP, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the Producers Guild of America (for whom he obtained the first-ever "No Action" letter for a certification mark from the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice), and the America’s Cup Organizing Committee.

Mr. Quinto is the co-author of the national practitioner’s guide to trade secret litigation, Trade Secrets: Law and Practice (3d edition published by LexisNexis 2014; earlier editions published by Oxford University Press), which analyzes the ins and outs of trade secrets disputes from the viewpoints of plaintiffs, defendants, criminal defendants, and businesses seeking to avoid or investigate potential misappropriations. Mr. Quinto earlier authored Law of Internet Disputes (3 editions published by Aspen Law & Business) and was a contributing author of Trade Marks at the Limit (Edward Elgar Publishing 2006).

Topical Focus: Conservative Commentary, Film, Legal

Topical Focus:

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Russ Jones has more than twenty-five years of journalistic experience ranging from branding, advertising campaign development, public relations and media buying. He has been engaged in community, government and media relations; corporate communications; events and communications planning; issues and crisis management; philanthropy and cause-related marketing; niche and online promotion; social media, Web development and various content management systems.

Russ Jones has worked on national, regional and local campaigns. He has consulted political candidates, issue oriented campaigns, non-for profit organizations  and consumer product executives.

Russ is a freelance correspondent and has been a guest on such programs as the Trending with Rusty Humphries, Mike Gallagher Show, the Dennis Prager Show and Sandy Rios in the Morning. He served as a social media consultant to one of the GOP presidential super Political Action Committees (PACS). He grew the PACS Facebook page from 950 ‘LIKES’ to over 140,000 in just three weeks.

Russ understands the importance of branding and the matrix of converting traffic into new business. He is a freelance correspondent and has been a guest on such programs as the Trending with Rusty Humphries, Mike Gallagher Show, the Dennis Prager Show and Sandy Rios in the Morning.

Russ has traveled the world both reporting on and representing organizations with significant mission outcomes at stake.

Topical Focus:

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Christian Men's Network

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CMN was cofounded by Maximized Manhood author Edwin Louis Cole in 1977, along with his son Paul Louis Cole. CMN is currently active in 116 nations and has impacted over 20 million men worldwide. CMN books, curriculum and videos are the most widely used Christian men’s resources in the world. Pastors, churches, business leaders, government officials, school administrators, and prison chaplains find CMN materials remarkably effective in any culture or community.

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Advocate for Israel

Jonathan Feldstein was born and educated in the U.S. and immigrated to Israel in 2004. He is married and the father of six. He has a three decade career in nonprofit fundraising and marketing and throughout his life and career, he has become a respected bridge between Jews and Christians. He writes regularly on major Christian web sites about Israel and shares experiences of living as an Orthodox Jew in Israel.

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